New to Medicare?

Are you turning 65 or covered by your employer?

If so, the numerous plan options may feel overwhelming. But don't worry - we're here to help!

Let's start by reviewing the parts of Medicare.

Part A Hospital Coverage

Part A Hospital Coverage

Inpatient Coverage

Part B Medical Coverage

Part B Medical Coverage

Doctor and Outpatient Coverage

Part C Medicare Advantage

Part C Medicare Advantage

Medicare A, B & D benefits administered by private insurance companies

Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

Optional drug coverage provided by private insurance companies.

Part A - Hospital Insurance


Inpatient Hospital Stays


Inpatient Skilled Nursing Facility


Hospice Care


No Cost for Most Individuals*

Deductible: $1632 per benefit period


Part B - Medical Insurance


Physician Services


Outpatient Services


Home Health Care


Durable Medical Equipment (DME)


Diagnostic Services (Labs, X-rays, MRI, etc)

Minimum Premium: $174.70 each month (or higher depending on your income)


Part C - Medicare Advantage & Cost Plans


Medicare A & B Benefits are Provided by Medicare-Approved Private Insurance Companies.


In General, Low Monthly Premiums (Some Plans May Offer No Premium)


Predictable Co-pays for Covered Services


You Can Join a Plan Even With a Pre-Existing Condition


Generally includes Part D Prescription Drug Coverage


Some Plans Include Dental, Vision, Hearing, and Fitness Benefits

Premiums & other costs vary by plan and can change each year.


Medicare Supplement (Medigap Plans)


Helps Cover Medicare Copayments, Coinsurance, and Deductibles


Access to Any Doctor That Accepts Medicare, Nationwide


Some Plans May Cover Medical Care While Traveling Overseas


Guaranteed Renewable


Long-term Care, Dental, Vision, Hearing Aids, and Private-duty Nursing Are Not Covered


A Prescription Drug Plan Must Be Purchased Separately

Insurance companies don't have to offer every letter plan. Premiums can vary by company and how they are rated (community or age-based).


Whether you are turning 65 or new to Medicare, it is important to know who can enroll and when to enroll in Medicare.

Medicare Initial Enrollment Period (IEP)

You can first sign up for Part A and/or Part B during the

7-month period

that starts 3 months before you turn 65 and ends 3 months after.


We can help you avoid late enrollment penalties.

Special Enrollment Period (SEP)

If you still have coverage through your employer or your spouse's plan, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to enroll in Medicare at any time, penalty-free.

Parts A + B

Most people are entitled to Part A at no cost if you or your spouse have worked 40 quarters (at least 10 years).

Part B has a base premium of $174.70 per month. The cost could be higher based on your household income from two years prior.

Part D has a higher premium if your income is above a certain amount. This is called IRMAA (Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount).

See the chart below to determine your Part B costs and potential Part D costs. (Medicare Advantage and Medigap costs are not included.)


File Individual Return

File Joint Return
Part B Monthly Premium

A+B+D Minimum Monthly

$103,000 OR LESS

$206,000 OR LESS

(DPP) Drug Plan Premium

$174.70 + DPP

$103,001 - $129,000

$206,001 - $258,000


DPP + $12.90*

$257.70 + DPP

$129,001 - $161,000

$258,001 - $322,000

DPP + $33.30*

$382.70 + DPP

$161,000 - $193,000

$322,001 - $386,000
DPP + $53.80*

$508 + DPP

$193,001 - $499,999

$386,001 - $749,999
DPP + $74.20*

$633.20 + DPP

$500,000 OR MORE

$750,000 OR MORE
DPP + $81*

$675 + DPP


Are you frustrated with never-ending marketing calls and flyers, always pushing one particular plan? We are too!

As an independent agency, we represent major carriers and numerous plan options. Only after meeting you and learning about your specific needs, networks, and prescriptions will we make a plan recommendation. This way you know you have the plan that is right for you.

This is a solicitation for insurance. We are an independent insurance agency and are not affiliated with the United States Government or Medicare. We do not offer every plan in Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Any information we provide is limited to the plans we offer in your area. Please contact, 1(800)MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program to get more information on all of your options.

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